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PHILIPS 3-in-1 Premium Cable - DLC4540V


Rp 299.000


Premium braided 3-in-1 cable aluminum connector
1 meter cable length
- Fast Sync and Charging
- Made for Ipod/Iphone/Ipad certified

3-in-1 cable: Lghtning, USB-C, Micro USB
3-in-1 cable: A cable with 3 connectors: Lightning, USB-C, Micro USB to USB-A cable. This cable will cater all your mobile accessories.

Metal USB A - Metal Lightning - Micro USB Connectors
Triple shielded cord with cotton braid jacket, reliable and durable for pull

Rated Voltage DC 5V
Rated Curreng Micro USB/2A
Transit Data Speed 480Mbps
Material Nylon Braided
Color available  Silver, Black & Red

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